NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: Technology to make life easier for lecturers

Technology to make life easier for lecturers

During a recent Innovation Hour initiative hosted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology, NWU Vaal Triangle, lecturing staff were informed about the latest developments in terms of lecture room technology. Ms Cathy Campbell - Managing Director of Simple Solutions - delivered a presentation on innovative technology and it was clear that technology is set to change the way lecturers will conduct their lectures in the future.

Through the presentation the staff members were introduced to an innovative electronic tool called the DigiMemo. 

The DigiMemo allows a person – through the use of handwriting recognition software;

■ to convert handwritten notes into electronic format The DigiMemo reads your handwritten notes and then converts it into Microsoft Word, Pdf, PowerPoint and other electronic formats whilst also boasting a pre-built dictionary for subject-specific terminology; 

■ the latter minimizes editing when your notes are being converted; and   

■ graphics and tables drawn by hand can also be converted.

According to Prof Herman van der Merwe, the Dean of the Faculty, the DigiMemo can be a very useful tool for both lecturers and students. 

■ Lecturers can present classes while facing the students, at the same time he/she can make changes to their notes which are automatically saved. 

■ The lecturer will then be able to distribute the notes electronically to the students to access through platforms such as Efundi.  

■ For students the advantages are just as ample – class notes can be saved automatically, making it easier to refer back to and the students are left with fewer loose papers. 

■ The DigiMemo represents a step towards achieving the goal of the Department of Education – which is to eventually provide all students in South African schools with a laptop. 


Published by Sipho Msolo on 03 May 2011.