NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: Researchers visit the University of Namibia

Water Researchers visit the University of Namibia

A visit of five academics of the Faculty of Humanities at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU – Vaal) to the University of Namibia (UNam) prepared the table for research collaboration between the two institutions.

For the academics at the NWU Vaal who all participates in the Optentia Research Programme the visit represents an important step in building a community of researchers who focus on how individual, social and institutional potential in the African context.

Dr Werner Nell (Sociology), Dr Ansie Fouche (Social Work), Dr Elmari Deacon (Psychology) and Prof Linda Theron (Education) at UNam in Windhoek.

The delegation of the NWU Vaal Triangle was welcomed by the Dean of Humanities at UNam, Prof Kingo Mchombu. Researchers discussed research collaboration and ways to improve the quality of research regarding optimization of potential.

Prof Ian Rothmann

According to Prof Ian Rothmann, who led to delegation during the visit to UNam in Windhoek, Optentia researchers are already involved in masters and doctoral studies on optimization of individual, social and institutional potential in South Africa and Namibia. Researchers at the two institutions will collaborate in research projects regarding flourishing of individuals and institutions, resilience of children, and well-being in families.


Published by Sipho Msolo on 06 May 2011.