NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: Staff recognised for inspirational teaching

Importance of multilingualism under the spotlight

Two lecturers of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal Triangle) were recently voted as the most inspirational lecturers on campus by the student community.  For Dr Hannetjie Meintjies and Me Madeleine Groenewald, from the Faculty Humanities and the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology respectively, this acknowledgement goes hand in hand with prize money to the value of R50 000 each.

It is a common known fact that only when you are passionate and motivated yourself that you can inspire others to develop their full potential, and it is thanks to their passion and motivation that fifteen lecturers of the North-West University recently won the Rapport Awards for Inspiring Teaching. The most inspiring lecturers on the three campuses – each in one faculty – where chosen for the first time in the history of the University after students voted for them by sms.

Staff recognition2

The top lecturers, as voted by the students, are from left: Dr Hannetjie Meintjies (winner, Faculty of Humanities), Prof Linda du Plessis (Vice Rector), Me Chanelle Pienaar (runner up), Me Madeleine Groenewald (winner, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology), Prof Thanyani Mariba (Rector), Prof Heleen Janse van Vuuren (runner up), Me Viné Petzer (runner up) and Me Liza Albrecht (Editor, Rapport).


Passion, knowledge and commitment the key to success
In her address to the chosen lecturers the guest speaker, Me Liza Albrecht – Editor of the Rapport, lamented that passion, knowledge and commitment strengthens the foundation for excellence. She (Albrecht) congratulated the lecturers on their achievements and their continued dedication to the development of their students.  The value of role models – be it within the academic-, cultural- or sport field, should not be underplayed and, said Albrecht, role models serve as important roadmaps to success. 

According to the Vice Rector, Prof Linda du Plessis, an academic curriculum represents a wealth of raw academic material and it is only through the presentation of this knowledge by a lecturer that students are introduced to true learning. Knowledgeable and experienced academic staff members with charisma, a warm personality and a passion for their field of expertise contribute to a well rounded graduate whilst also adding worth to a positive student experience.

Staff recognition

The winners on the Vaal Triangle Campus were Me Madeleine Groenewald (School of Information Technology in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology) and Dr Hannetjie Meintjies (School of Educational Sciences in the Faculty of Humanities). From left are Me Madeleine Groenewald, Prof Thanyani Mariba (Campus Rector), Me Liza Albrecht (Editor of Rapport) and Dr Hannetjie Meintjies.


Campus announces top lecturers

  • Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology:
    Me Madeleine Groenewald (winner); Prof Heleen Janse van Vuuren and Me Chanelle Pienaar.

  • Faculty of Humanities:
    Dr Hannetjie Meintjies (winner) and Me Viné Petzer.

Competition to take place annually
The most inspirational lecturers across the three campuses (Vaal Triangle, Mafikeng and Potchefstroom) were chosen after the student community voted via a sms competition. The awards, sponsored by the Sunday newspaper, Rapport, were made during a prestige function at the Quest Conference Estate. The winners’ prize money is paid into their respective staff development funds, which can be used for further professional development. The competition, conducted by the SRC’s on the respective campuses, will become an annual event. 

Published by Sipho Msolo on 23 November 2010.