NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: Campus supports National Arbor Month

Campus supports National Arbor Month

September is synonymous with Arbor Month and across the country South Africans are heeding the call to plant indigenous trees – not only for the esthetical value but also because of the ecological importance thereof. 

A challenge is set to all individuals to plant at least one indigenous tree and thousands of young children are being taught the value and importance of responsible forestry.  On the Vaal Triangle Campus – which is often referred to as the “green” campus of the North-West University, an initiative is to be launched to facilitate the mass planting of trees on the campus.

According to Mr Bertie Visser, Chief Director: Finance and Facilities, most of the building projects that are currently underway on the campus are reaching completion and therefore the process to identify areas that need further developing and landscaping can commence.


Plant a legacy

Staff members of the Vaal Triangle Campus are cordially invited to pro-actively take part in this initiative by joining the Arbor Day Project Team. You can either help with the planting of the trees or share your knowledge with regard to indigenous trees and landscaping.


Individuals who are interested to join this team should contact Ronel Strydom - 016 9103301. 

Published by Jeremy Mooi on 16 September 2010.