NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: NWU Vaal Watuni Canoe Club tame Berg River marathon

NWU Vaal Watuni Canoe Club tame Berg River Marathon

Members of the NWU Vaal Watuni Canoe Club recently participated in the well-known Berg River Marathon and proudly boast top performances – ranging from the top 4th position to rankings in the overall top 50 positions. This endurance race is decided over four days and a total distance of 240 km – in trying conditions such as extreme cold and unfavourable weather conditions. It was the Scheepers duo, brothers Rikus and Henco, who drew the most attention with sterling performances in their first Berg River Marathon.



The Scheepers duo, brothers Rikus and Henco, excelled during their first Berg River Canoe Marathon.


Rikus Scheepers was awarded an overall fourth position in the Junior Division with only 38 seconds the difference between him and the members of the South African Junior Canoe Team. This team is currently representing South Africa in Europe and it is clear that Rikus is a serious contender for the team. This performance secured an overall 40th place ranking for Rikus and serves as a clear indication of his high level of endurance, perseverance and commitment to success.

Henco Sceepers, the eldest of the two brothers, positioned himself in the top 50 rankings within his division. Other members of the club that performed well include Jerome Boulle, Clint Howes and Jan Leonard.

Participants in this gruelling marathon can look forward to an exciting 2011 event when the Berg River Canoe Marathon celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is expected that stalwarts like Jannie Malherbe (71) and Prof Willem van Riet (68) will also take part in 2011.



Published by Sipho Msolo on 10 August 2010.