Unit for Languages and Literature in the South African Context - Steering Committee



Convenor: Prof Justus Roux: North-West University (Justus.roux@nwu.ac.za / j.chr.roux@gmail.com)

Members: Dr Pamela Maseko: Rhodes University (p.maseko@ru.ac.za)

Dr Langa Khumalo: University of KwaZulu-Natal (khumalol@ukzn.ac.za)

Prof Laurence Wright: Rhodes & North-West University (l.wright@ru.ac.za / 12275158@nwu.ac.za)

Secretariat: Research Unit for Language and Literature in the SA Context

Prof Attie de Lange (Attie.DeLange@nwu.ac.za)

Juan Steyn (juan.steyn@nwu.ac.za)


The Steering Committee welcomes suggestions from interested parties regarding the potential structure and functions of the association; please feel free to contact any of the members above.