Unit for Languages and Literature in the South African Context - Digital Humanities 2nd Workshop

2nd National Digital Humanities Workshop

Potchefstroom Campus

Theme of this year’s workshop:
Digital Humanities: How does it benefit me as a researcher?

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The aim of this workshop and training is to provide a researcher with tools and hands on experience that will benefit his/her scholarly career.

Professor Paul Arthur, Chair in Digital Humanities at Western Sydney University and leader of the Digital Humanities Research Group will be presenting at this years workshop. Associate Professor Mark Algee-Hewitt from Stanford had to cancel due to medical reasons.

Interested scholars and students for Humanities, Social Sciences and Computer Science disciplines are welcome to attend the 2 Day Workshop as well as the 3 Day Training sessions. You have the option to only register for one or the other or both.

Cost: FREE

Quick overview of workshop:
Day 1: 4 April 2016

- Guest lectures by local and international speakers

Day 2: 5 April 2016

- Introductory sessions

Day 3-5: 6-8 April 2016

- Longer workshops aimed at providing delegates with hands on experience and new skills

Follow this link for a detailed schedule of the Workshop