O a amogelwa mo tsebewebong ya Lefapha la Kago ya Bonno le ya Ditirelo Tsa Dijo tsa Khamphase ya Potchefstroom

RCS Services

Mokgele wa Lefapha:

  • Go kgona go thusa baithuti ka se ba se tlhokang mo dikhamphaseng tsa diyunibesiti tsotlhe ka:
  • Go tlamela baithuti ba rona ka dikago tsa boleng jo bo kwa godimo go dira gore ba kgone go tlhoma mogopolo mo tirong ya bone ya thuto.
  • Go dira dilo tumalanong le patlisiso e e tsamaisanang le tiro ya rona le go dirisa patlisiso eo ka mokgwa o moša gore baani ba lefelo la bonno la khamphase ba solegelwe  molemo.
  • Leka go dira gore go nne le bokgoni jwa go dira tiro mo lefapheng gore baithuti ba rona, Yunibesiti le porofense ba solegelwe molemo fela thata.
  • Go tlamela ka botsamaisi jo bo nang le maikarabelo jwa ditšhelete go thusa Yunibeisti yotlhe gore e nne le boemo  jo bo solofetsang jwa ditšhelete.

Lefelo la bonno le diyuniti tse go ikapeelwang dijo mo go tsone tsa Oppirif:

 Aspires to accommodate quality students for all the teaching programmes of the University in appropriately equipped facilities

Selection for hostel residence is done through a fair selection process to ensure that the diversity of the University’s student population is properly reflected in the residences.

Residences on the Potchefstroom Campus:

Men’s residences:

1) Caput
2) De Wilgers
3) Excelsior
4) Hombré
5) Laureus
6) Over de Voor
7) Patria
8) Ratau
9) Veritas

Ladies’ residences:

1) Eikenhof
2) Heide
3) Karlien
4) Kasteel
5) Klawerhof
6) Minjonet
7) Oosterhof
8) Republiek
9) Vergeet-My-Nie
10) Wag-'n-Bietjie
11) Wanda

Furniture in rooms:

Every room in the residence is equipped with a bed, mattress, blinds, desk, heater, built-in cupboard and a notice board.
No bedding is provided.

Safety in the residences:

For your child’s safety there are turnstiles and card-controlled doors to apply access control.

Facilities in residences:

Computer rooms with computers
TVs in the recreation rooms of the residences
Laundries are equipped with washing machines, tumble driers and ironing boards
A high standard of hygiene is strictly applied in the kitchens and bathrooms
Residences are maintained on an ongoing basis.

Selection process:

For more information on the selection and placement process on the Potchefstroom Campus, please refer to the Rules for Residents of Campus and Town Residences

Oppirif self-catering units on the West Campus:
Senior and doctoral students are placed in the units – for more information on the selection and placement process on the Potchefstroom Campus, please refer to the Rules for Residents of Campus and Town Residences

Rates for residences/Oppirif residency:

Refer to Fees payable and financial rules

Food Services offers three balanced, economical meals at the five different dining halls daily. Meals can be eaten in a peaceful atmosphere in the dining halls.
Services include cooked meals (menu of the day) and specialised meals (steakhouse meals, salad and pasta counter) and takeaways (sandwiches), muffins, sweets, etc.
Food Services ensures an uninterrupted, cost-effective service that stays market-related by regularly comparing prices for similar services in the private sector.
(Fees payable):


  •  Meals are calculated at R70 per day for the academic days and amount to approximately R11 900 per year
  •  R1 400 per month.
  • The above prices only serve as a guideline. If double portions of proteins, milk, juice or soft drinks are taken with each meal, you have to budget for more funds.
  • University system for taking meals at the dining halls:
  • The University uses a cash system – no meals can be bought or taken on credit.
  • The system makes it possible for students to pay only for the items taken and not for the full menu of the day.
  • Funds have to be available on the student’s meal/student card at all times for the meals to be taken.
  • No cash sales are handled at the five dining halls. It is therefore important for students to make sure that there are sufficient funds in their meal account to make the purchase.


Dining halls on campus:

  • Voorhuis Dining Hall is located on the West Campus and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the week, steakhouse meals as well as a salad and pasta counter are offered.
  • Oosterhof dining hall is located between Oosterhof and Klawerhof ladies’ residences. The dining hall offers lunches and dinners as well as steakhouse meals and a salad and pasta counter during lunch.
  • Dampad dining hall is located between Veritas and Patria men’s residences and offers lunches and dinners, as well as steakhouse meals from Mondays to Fridays during lunch.
  • Minjonet dining hall is located between Minjonet and Republiek ladies’ residences. A variety of lunches and dinners are served here. Steakhouse meals are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch. A pasta and salad counter is available on Wednesdays.
  • De Wilgers dining hall is located near De Wilgers men’s residence and Kom-en-Gaan residence. Balanced lunches and dinners are offered, as well as a variety of steakhouse meals from Mondays to Fridays.