Faculty of Arts - Facilities and Equipment


Facilities and Equipment

The Faculty of Arts has various focused facilities where students get the opportunity to work with industry standard hardware as well as the latest software.

The faculty has the following laboratories:

1 X CALL (Computer Assisted Language Lab) venue with 30 stations
2 X Communications Studies venues with 40 stations
1 X Video Editing venue with 6 stations
1 X Multimedia venue with 15 stations
1 X Graphic Design venue with 34 stations
1 X Music Technology venue with 9 stations

All the venues are equipped with Apple Macintosh MacMinis or iMacs with the latest Adobe, Sound Editing and Mac OS software available.


CTexT and the cluster Language Technology share two unique facilities. The Language Technology laboratory has eleven excellent work stations with audio facilities for digital and analogue sound recordings and software for analogue-to-digital sound conversion for analysing and processing purposes. CTexT also has a dedicated development laboratory, which includes a complete testing set for a range of computer environments and operating systems, as well as ten dedicated work stations for developers and three servers. These facilities are continually being upgraded to ensure that the latests technology is always available.







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