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Faculty Of Theology: Masters and Doctoral studies



The fields of study of the Masters and Doctoral studies in the Faculty of Theology fall into 7 research sub programs as indicated below.

Prospective post-graduate students should get in touch with the sub program manager before applying to the specific research sub program in order to find out what the focus area is and if a suitable study leader/promoter will be available. Please send a research motivation of between 1000 – 2000 words to the sub program manager and explain why this topic is relevant for you. A bibliography should be attached which should comply to the NWU style (Harvard method).

The 7 research programs and their managers are the following:

Research Sub Program


Sub group manager

Contact info

Bibliological Perspectives

Focus: The study of exegetical, hermeneutical and revelation historical aspects of the Old and New Testament



Old Testament

New Testament


Dr Hennie Goede


+2718 299 1849

Missiological Perspective

Focus: The study of and reaching towards people of different backgrounds and life views who do not know God or his Word, and to approach them in a sympathetic apologetic and holistic manner and answer their questions and views from the view point of the Gospel





Dr Naas Ferreira


+2718 299 1848

Ecclesiological Perspectives

Focus: Historical studies van the Church, her dogma and Church order



Church and Dogma history

Church polity


Prof Johannes Smit


+2718 299 1093

Moral development of the society

Focus: The core definitions and application of the Reformational Theology on moral renewal in the process of nation building and the development of society.







Prof Riaan Rheeder




+2718 299 1654

Practical-Theological Perspectives

Focus: The demonstration of normative pointers for the renewal of the praxis in the church and Kingdom activities in the South African society




Pastoral Studies






Prof Alfred Brunsdon



+2718 289 2666

Ancient Languages


Semitic Languages




Dr At Lamprecht


+2718 285 2352

Ecumenical Perspectives





Dr Francois Muller


+2718 285 2350


The calendar of the Faculty of Theology and full details regarding the post-graduate programs, are available at

 [] from page 51 – 63.

To apply for the MA, MTh or PhD studies, the relevant application should be completed which may be find at the following link:


Any queries regarding applications and registrations should be directed to: []

If the postgraduate study intended to be studied, falls outside of the field of previous study, an oral examination in the relevant discipline will have to be taken in order to be allowed.

All candidates whose mother tongue is not English, but would like to do the research and the studies in English, should take the evaluation test to ensure that their English proficiency is on a postgraduate level. If the proficiency is not on an acceptable level, some modules in English should be attended in order to be admitted to the postgraduate program. Enquiries should be directed to Ms. Desiré Steyn (

Studiefees & Bursaries

For any information regarding study fees, financial support and bursaries, check the web page: []

Note that applications for bursaries and other financial assistence, should be sent directly to the address on the application form for bursaries.

For information about fees and bursaries, please refer to the Financial Administration:

Contact details: (018) 299 2667/ 2668/ 2669/ 2670/ 2671/ 2672/ 2673

Fax numbers: (018) 293 5230/ 5234/ 5252/ 5255/ 5313/ 5314/ 5315

E-mail address: 



Registrations  & Re-registrations

When a prospective student’s application is accepted, it is the responsibility of the student to register for that specific year.

It is also the responsibility of the student to register for the next year and every consecutive year till the finalization of the study. 



Please make use of links below:


Research proposal & Title registration

Etchics Application



Guidelines for Study Leaders and Examiners


For any enquiries, please contact the M&D office.

General enquiries for postgraduate applications, registrations and bursaries:

CC: all other communication:

Mrs Annelize Liebenberg

Job Title

Managing Assistant:
Manager M&D Programmes


+27 18 299 1910


+27 18 299 1061



Potchefstroom Campus, Building K23, Room G04

Mr Lee Trollip

 Job Title

Personal Assistant:
M&D Programmes


+27 18 299 1840


+27 18 299 1061



Potchefstroom Campus, Building K23, Room G10


Prof Henk Stoker

Job Title

  Manager: M&D programmes


  +27 18 299 1596


  +27 18 299 1061