Student Affairs @ Law


Student Affairs @ Law

German at the NWU


Me. Gerda Wittmann (subject chairperson) (;  tel:  018-2991560)

Dr. Philip van der Merwe (;  tel:  018-2991565)

The value that learning German has for you as a South African is twofold:  professionally and personally. Often it can open many interesting doors for you as a student in literally any field of study as well as later in any professional field. German offers access to other exciting worlds of information, skills and experiences when people and texts become accessible to you. Personally it can only expand your horizons. After a few hours in an aeroplane you can be in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. There you’ll find amazing, wonderful worlds with a wealth of fascinating cities, castles, cathedrals, museums, forests, snow-covered mountains and magical Christmas markets that you can discover only in the German-speaking countries.  It is an individual choice and process to learn a new language.  It can be like a hobby with career advantages: To someone curious about other cultures, languages and literature it is fun and it can contribute to your professional success.  You can start to learn and love German at any point in your life, but doing it now will enable you to continue with that anywhere else in the world – perhaps even in Germany where you can polish your skills. It is made easy and pleasant for you to learn to speak, understand, read and write German at the NWU by friendly lecturers who are well-acquainted with the proven, state of the art learning approaches and material that will suit you as a university student.