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Prof LJ Kotze

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Research Professor
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+27 (0)18 299 1956
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+27 (0)18 293 5396
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Potchefstroom Campus, 33 Presidentstreet
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BCom (Law, PU for CHE)
LLB (PU for CHE)
LLM (cum laude, PU for CHE)LLD (NWU)
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Environmental Rights
Environmental Governance
Legal Comparison
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Recently Publications in Law Journals


  • Kotzé LJ. and Goosen C. “’n Ontleding van die Suid-Afrikaanse Regsraamwerk met Betrekking tot die Omgewingsaspekte van Breking in die Karoo” 2014 11(2) LitNet. 149-197.*
  • Kotzé LJ. 2014. “Oorgrens-biodiversiteitsregulering in die Antroposeen” 2014 11(2) LitNet. 126-148.*
  • Kotzé LJ. 2014. “Fragmentation Revisited in the Context of Global Environmental Law and Governance” 2014(131) South African Law Journal. 548-583.
  • Kotzé LJ. 2014. “Volhoubare Ontwikkeling en die Oppergesag van die Reg vir die Omgewing: ’n Grondwetlike Beskouing” 2014 11(2) LitNet. 65-90.*
  • Feris L. and Kotzé LJ. 2014. “The Regulation of Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa: Law and Governance Perspectives” 2014 17(5) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal. 2015-2163.*


  • Kotzé LJ. 2013. “Book Review: David Boyd, The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment (UBC Press, Vancouver, 2012), 1-468 pp” (2013) 4(1) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment. 105-110.
  • Grant E, Kotzé LJ and Morrow K. 2013. "Human Rights and the Environment: In Search of New Relationships- Synergies and Common Themes" 2013 3(5) Ońati Socio-Legal Series. 953-965.
  • Kotze LJ. 2014. "Crossing Boundaries: Water and the Rights Paradigm" 2014 5(1) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment. 1-8.
  • Du Plessis AA and Kotzé LJ. 2014. “The Heat is on: Local Government and Climate Governance in South Africa” 2014 58(1) Journal of African Law (Cambridge University Press) 145-174.*
  • Kotzé LJ. 2014. “Rethinking Global Environmental Law and Governance in the Anthropocene” 2014 32(2) Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law (International Bar Association) 121-156.*
  • Kotzé LJ. and Du Plessis AA. 2014. “A Gold Rush to Nowhere? The Rights-based Approach to Environmental Governance in South Africa’s Mining Sector in Question” 2014(4) Verfassung und Recht in Übersee. 447-481. *
  • Kotzé LJ. 2014. “Rethinking Human Rights and the Environment in the Anthropocene” 2014(2) The Anthropocene Review 1-24.


Books / Book Chapters

  • Kotze LJ “The regulation of environmental pollution” in Du Plessis A (ed), Environmental Law and Local Government in South Africa (Cape Town Juta 2015)  241-271
  • Grear A and Kotzé LJ (eds) Research Handbook on Human Rights and the Environment (Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom. 2015)


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