May 2021

NWU takes research to new hights

Welcome to the third edition of the North-West University's newsletter, Research@NWU. The aim of the newsletter is to showcase research projects, researchers and related events. This newsletter is one of seven, distributed to academic staff and researchers during the year.


NWU's McTronX is at the forefront

The NWU's McTronX research group has been at the forefront of dynamic modelling and the control of large scale industrial systems since 2003.

Led by Prof George van Schoor, the group is multi-disciplinary and comprises four full-time staff members. They also work closely with other academics and postgraduate students from almost all the engineering disciplines and industry partners.

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How to build your research skills online with Optentia's SLP

The thought of conducting research can be intimidating for young researchers. Confidence comes with knowing you have the skills and insight to do justice to any research project you tackle. These skills can now be acquired online, with the NWU's newly approved online version of the short learning programme (SLP) in research design, which allows students access via a computer or mobile device.

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Moms and children behind bars have pros and cons

In South Africa, a woman can live with her child at a correctional facility while serving time for the crimes she has committed. This is permitted for the first two years of the child's life and allows the mother and child to bond. According to a study conducted by Belinda Ruzvidzo, an NWU LLM graduate, children living in prisons experience some negative emotional and physical effects.

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Why big game hunting in Botswana should open again

Numerous articles have recently been published on different online news platforms regarding the reopening of big game hunting in Botswana. Most of these articles try to put hunting in a bad light, or try to show that hunting does not contribute that much to the local economy. Prof Peet van der Merwe from the NWU's research unit TREES believes this approach is very detrimental to the country's tourism cause.

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Alternative measures for discharging debt under the spotlight

Many South Africans drowning in debt could be thrown a potential lifeline following a study by NWU master's degree graduate Paballo Mothibi into the discharging (cancelling) of the debts of those who have no income or assets.

The topic of the study is "Alternative measures for the discharge of debts for over-indebted persons under debt-related legislation in South Africa".

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Meet our researchers!

Prof Ruan Kruger, a professor in physiology in the Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART), talks about their research on hypertension.

They are looking at hypertension and obesity as two of the most important contributing risk factors in the child population of South Africa.

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