November 2019

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Welcome to 2019's seventh edition of the North-West University's research and innovation newsletter, Research@NWU. The aim of the newsletter is to showcase research projects, researchers and related events. This newsletter is one of seven, distributed to academic staff and researchers during the year.


When hard work pays off ...

One of the NWU's young researchers, Prof Rose Hayeshi from the Faculty of Health Sciences, was recently honoured by the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) when she was inducted as one of their newest members.

This academy is the voice of young scientists in South Africa and aims to contribute towards solutions to national and global challenges facing society.

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Research gives a voice to vulnerable children

Childhood sexual abuse is a stark reality in South Africa. People say they would speak up if they thought a child was being sexually abused; many are certain they would recognise exploitive activities and almost no one believes they would allow abusive behaviour to continue if they knew it was going on. Yet, statistics show that one in three children report some form of sexual abuse before their 17th birthday.

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Next step for nursing leadership

Nursing is a career that chooses you, not the other way round. It demands nothing less than passion and selfless, hard work. Fortunately most nurses are an example of this kind of dedication, but research shows that there is an urgent lack of skills development with regard to leadership in this profession. Her commitment towards this field of study has motivated Prof Siedine Coetzee from the School of Nursing to address this problem.

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NWU brings Russian coal technology to SA

Water is a scarce commodity in drought-stricken South Africa. One area where water can be saved is in the processing of coal, since large amounts of water are traditionally used in coal washing. Keeping this in mind, two engineers from the School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering visited Siberia earlier this year with the aim of bringing their dry coal beneficiation technology to South Africa.

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Breast is best

Breastmilk is known as a superfood that provides babies with immune-building power and brain-boosting properties. When new moms with premature infants are unable to express milk, human milk banks (HMB) come to the rescue.

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Researching Afrikaans #**! words

Many would argue that there is nothing like an Afrikaans swear word if you really want to get something off your chest; now the Faculty of Humanities is conducting a unique multidisciplinary research project on Afrikaans swear words and related phenomena.

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Student honoured with Vice-Chancellor's Award

The NWU honoured its cream-of-the-crop researchers and innovators during the vice-chancellor's annual Research and Innovation Excellence Awards in Potchefstroom on 24 October. It was not just researchers who were in the spotlight. The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Most Promising Student Innovation Idea went to Boitshepo Gopano for her Eazi Waste Group company which earned her a top place in the Leopards Lair business competition.

Listen to what Boitshepo has to say about receiving the award.

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