Enjoy a few of the photographs that Toy took.

His ability to capture faces and actions at precisely the right moment is a talent that makes Jabulani Timothy Ncube, better known as Toy, stand out on the campus in Mahikeng.


“My love for photography developed very early on in my life. It probably started when I was still in high school or during those years after my family relocated from Zimbabwe to Hammanskraal,” says the rising star on campus.


“I have always been a keen observer of my surroundings and photography seemed to escalate this pastime into something more meaningful, and at times profitable,” says Toy, whose social media moniker is @Toy Captures.


Picture-perfect for him


“Being the first born in a household of four children, I had the time to develop various interests and in the end, photography is what took to me.”


Soft-spoken and reserved, Toy is a final-year BA Tourism Management student. He says once he completes this qualification he would like to enroll for another undergraduate degree, this time in communication science.


“As a result of my interest in photography, I had an urge to study communication, even if it was late in my student life. But I am certain now it is something I see myself doing for many years to come,” he adds.


Toy lights up when sharing his plans for the future. “My ultimate goal is to work for SuperSport as a camera operator. That is where all of this will take me.”


When you have to take a picture and the timing has to be perfect, there’s no time to play around.


Every picture tells a story and this one reveals the love that Jabulani Timothy Ncube, better known as Toy, has for photography.

Toy doesn’t play around with photography