Message from the


During the past year a number of staff members have had to move office, myself included. This was necessitated by our new structure and the need to utilise our facilities optimally according to our new strategy. We also had to symbolically move to a different level where senior managers are not all located in a single “institutional” office.


Other practical considerations included the need to relocate Student Academic Lifecycle Administration (SALA) and the exams office at the Mafikeng Campus, as well as to move Student Judicial Services and the Language Directorate on the Potchefstroom Campus to a more appropriate location. People and Culture were spread out and are now all being relocated in building C1 on the Potchefstroom Campus. In all instances we have created fit-for-purpose spaces.


The above-mentioned moves were achieved without a single new office having to be constructed. In many instances large offices were subdivided. Space is thus being better used, as the Department of Higher Education and Training expects of us.


On the Vaal Triangle Campus, provision is being made for more lecture facilities and a new administration building is being planned. The present administration building will be repurposed as a multi-purpose hall, a facility the campus needs urgently.


Furthermore, new buildings for Health Sciences will be built on the Vaal Triangle and Mafikeng campuses and two floors of the new G23 building on the Potchefstroom Campus will be furbished for Biological Sciences.


All these well-thought-out plans indicate a commitment to effective space utilisation and practicality. Staff and students are already benefiting from it. I therefore urge you to acknowledge the progress being made and enjoy the improved working environments that have been created or will be in the near future.


This is how we are creating equity of resources and giving substance to our strategy.




dear colleague,