Author Neil Gaiman once said: “Google can bring you back

100 000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”

This rings especially true at an academic institution such as the NWU, which is why the Library and Information Services (LIS) policy is of particular importance.


This policy was formulated with the following main objectives in mind:


  • Provide guidance on the use and management of LIS resources and services.
  • Position LIS as a unitary system.
  • Ensure the even distribution of LIS resources.


The LIS policy details the role of management in making policies, rules and regulations available to all role players and makes it clear that LIS should be an active partner in innovative teaching and learning and in cutting-edge research at the NWU. The provision, maintenance and improvement of its services must be sustainable and cost-effective.


Further, LIS must be a part of the global library and information services community and promote national and international cooperation.


The policy goes on to stipulate issues surrounding governance, communication, collection development and management, delivery of services, information literacy training, research support and external cooperation. The roles, rights and responsibilities of LIS management and users are also explained in the policy.


As with all other policies at the NWU, the LIS policy must be reviewed every five years and approved by Senate and Council, taking into consideration any proposals for amendments from library users.


Library and Information Services Policy: