these three words can change lives

Dear colleague,


Canadian writer and leadership speaker Robin Sharma says leadership is not about a title or designation, but about IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INSPIRATION.


When reading the article about the NWU’s award-winning alumni, one can’t help thinking that somewhere in the past of these exemplary alumni, there must have been lecturers who inspired them and helped shape the way they see life.


Next time you stand in front of a class while lecturing, or behind a service counter while helping a student obtain a bursary, remember that your hard work has the potential to inspire and change lives.


Our staff members’ influence goes beyond the NWU’s students and touches the community, too. This happens when leading national economics societies or writing books, for instance.


We welcome our new colleagues who were appointed recently and trust that they too will exert a positive influence over our students and, by sharing their expertise outside the university, also on society.


Remember, whatever your role at the NWU, you can IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INSPIRE the people around you. Let’s not waste this wonderful opportunity.


Happy reading.