Welcome to eFundi - the learning and collaboration management system of the North-West University. eFundi supports communication between lecturers and students and creates a collaboration environment for students and researchers.
Academic information (such as subject content, discussion forums, important dates, additional resources and supplementary instruction) for many of the programmes and modules provided at the NWU are available in eFundi.
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1. Linking students to eFundi site(s) - NB! Read this before you continue

It is that time of the year again when we need your help!

We would like to gather information on your preferences reagrding the use of technology - what do you use and how do you use it. This information enable us to better serve you with the technology you need / want while studying at the NWU.

Watch this space for a link to our questionnaire!

2. How to create a new site and link students to it
3. How to link students to an existing site
4. How to create a site not associated with a particular module
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