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The NWU-Puk Rugby Institute of the North-West University was established in 2000 with André Markgraaff as its first executive director. Since then the institute has grown to deliver formidable opponents on the rugby field.

Hostel rugby has grown from the initial 14 teams in 2000 to 34 teams in the current leagues. This massive growth in eager players is an indication of the total rugby spirit on the Puk Campus.

Through various other achievements the NWU-Puk Rugby Institute has also established itself as a prestigious tertiary institution in the area of rugby in the country. With good reason we can also say that the NWU-Puk Rugby Institute prepares its players for a career in rugby and beyond.

In accordance with legislation the former Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE) and the University of North-West (UNW) merged, leading to the establishment of the North-West University (NWU). The former PU for CHE is now known as the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU, also known as NWU-Pukke.

The NWU-Puk Rugby Institute is part of NWU-Pukke. The qualifications that you receive while you play at the NWU-Puk Rugby Institute are therefore fully accredited university courses.