Awards: Excellence in Research

Awards: Excellence in Research, Innovation and Sustainability and Community Impact



Nominations should be sent via email to Mrs Mpe Meintjies


Creative Outputs - 31 May 2018

(Nominations should be sent via email to Ms Teresa Smit for this category only.)


Leadership in Research - 30 June 2018


Most Cited Researcher - 30 June 2018


Most Productive Researcher / Junior Researcher / Research Entity - 30 June 2018

Please note that there is one form for all the categories. If you want to apply for all three categories, you should fill in the form three times.


Vice-Chancellor's Medal / S2A3 Student Medals - 30 June 2018

Sustainability and Community Impact

All nominations should be sent to Ms Bibi Bouwman


All nominations should be sent to Prof Deon de Beer