Research Support : Research Entities 2013


Research Entities

Research Centres of Excellence

Entity Director

Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN)

Centre for Space Research

Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacen)

Prof Johann Jerling

Prof Stefan Ferreira

Prof Jeanetta du Plessis


Research Units

Entity Director

Africa Unit for Trans-disciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR)

Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART)

Research Unit for Education and Human Rights in diversity (Edu-HRight) 

Unit for Language and Literature in the South African Context

Unit for Business Mathematics and Informatics

Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management

Unit for Reformed Theology and the Development of the SA Society

Research Unit for Law, Justice and Sustainability

Unit for Energy Systems

Unit for Economic & Management Sciences (WorkWell)

Tourism Research in Economic Environs and Society (TREES)

Prof Annamarie  Kruger

Prof Hugo W Huisman

Prof JP Rossouw

Prof Attie de Lange

Prof Magda Huisman

Prof Nico Smit

Prof Ferdi Kruger

Prof Willemien du Plessis

Prof Albert Helberg

Prof Pieter Buys

Prof Melville Saayman


Research Focus Areas

Entity Director

Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec)

Social Transformation

Chemical Resource Beneficiation (CRB)

Understanding & Processing Language in Complex Settings (UPSET)

Optimal Expression of Individual, Social and Institutional Potential  (OPTENTIA)

Quality in Nursing and Midwifery  (INSINQ)

Material Science Innovation and Modelling  (MaSIM)

Self-Directed Learning  (SDL)

Trade and Development  (TRADE)

Community Psychosocial Research (COMPRES)

Prof Hanlie Moss

Prof André Duvenhage

Prof Manie Vosloo

Prof Bertus van Rooy

Prof Ian Rothmann

Dr Karin Minnie

Prof Eno Ebenso

Prof Elsa Mentz

Prof Wilma Viviers

Prof Herman Grobler


Research Niche Areas

Entity Director

Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative (OHHRI)

Musical Arts in South Africa : Resources and Applications (MASARA)

Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA)

Food Security and Safety in the North West Province

Population and Health

Multilingual Speech Technologies (MuST)

Visual Narratives and Creative Output (ViNCO)

Prof Johan du Plessis

Prof Hetta Potgieter

Prof Martie Lubbe

Prof Simeon Materechera

Prof Akim Mturi

Prof Marelie Davel

Dr Rita Swanepoel


Hosted Research Entities (Centre, Platform, Institute)

Entity Director

DST NWU  Pre-Clinical Drug Development Platform (PCDDP)

TIA Centre for Human Metabonomics

DST HySA Infrastructure Centre of Competence in Hydrogen                

the tdi Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

DST Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Prof Anne Grobler

Prof Chris Vorster

Dr Dmitri Bessarabov

Mr Danie Vorster

Prof Simeon Materechera


Commercial Research Entities

Entity Director

Centre for Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services

Prof Banie Boneschans


South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI)


Nuclear Engineering

Astrophysics and Space Physics

Early Detection and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Africa

Coal Research

Biofuels Research

Computational Chemistry

Prof Pieter Rousseau

Prof Markus Boettcher

Prof Alta Schutte

Prof John Bunt

Prof Sanette Marx


Eskom Chair


Emission Control

Prof Stuart Piketh
Prof Ray Everson

World Trade Organisation


WTO Chairs Programme

Prof Wilma Viviers