What can I study at the Pukke?

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What can I study?

Student counselling service

Wat kan ek studeer op Potchefstroom Pukke?

Many students these days enter the world of study with inadequate knowledge of the professional world and the work situation. The Student Counselling Service is officially the North-West University’s support department that assists learners from Grades 7-12 scientifically by means of psychological tests to make responsible choices and decisions regarding:

  • Professional and course choice; and
  • Realising potential.

Students are also tested during the Reception and Introduction Programme for whetherthey are studying in the right direction. Contact the Student Counselling Service at 018 299 2891.


I know which career I want to follow, but what must I study?

You already know which career you want to follow one day, but now dreams and reality must unite. The question you must answer now is, “Which direction of study must I pursue?”

No problem. Go to our mobi-site and enter your profession to obtain possible options for direction of study. Click on the link above (Internet connection needed or use your cell phone).

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