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Study at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University


NWU Pukke First-years 2017

Become part of the campus where 72% of our students travel past two other universities to study with us!

The North-West University is a true South African university with three campuses 

respectively in Potchefstroom (NWU-Puk), Vanderbijlpark and Mafikeng.

This is your guide to career oriented training and international qualification on the Potchefstroom campus of the NWU. The language of instruction of the NWU-Puk is Afrikaans. Interpreting is offered in certain courses.

Why must you choose the NWU-Puk?

This is the campus that gives you the best international qualification to realise your DREAMS one day ...

*  High academic standards that are evaluated internationally;

*  Value driven;

* Career oriented training (85% obtain work within three months after completing their studies) that is accredited by professional bodies;

*  Safe and trouble free campus;

*  A lively and healthy student life!

Functional Language Policy

The NWU has a functional and multilingual language policy. This policy was implemented to ensure that every student has access to the NWU. The NWU is a pioneer in the field of educational interpreting in its various programmes. The aim of this is to ensure inclusivity. Each campus applies this multilingual language policy according to its own student profile.

Undergraduate: Interpreting from Afrikaans to English and from English to Afrikaans, and in some modules separate English and Afrikaans classes presented in parallel.

Postgraduate: English or Afrikaans, with interpreting in some programmes.


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