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The NWU-Pukke’s student life revolves around its active residential life. All students can participate in this, regardless whether they stay in campus residences or are organised in “town residences”.

Regulations for residences (pdf)

What is unique about our residences (campus and town) ?

  • Safety is a high priority
  • Every residence has residence management
  • Within walking distance of academic, administrative buildings and sports facilities
  • A genuine student community without equal
  • Support and friendships for life

The difference and similarities between campus and town residences.


Selection model

Applicants are encouraged to apply before or on 30 June for residential placement in a campus residence. Selection takes place in July, after which meritorious cases will be considered by a special selection committee. All placements are based on merit and availability of residence. (Selection mark: 70% academics and 30% participation in culture, sport and/or leadership.)


Campus Residences

What is unique about our campus residences?

  • They are located within walking distance of the academic and administrative buildings and sports facilities;
  • Safety is a high priority – especially at the women’s residences where a strict system of electronic control isapplied;
  • Every residence has residence management that consists of a house father/mother and a house committee;
  • Other facilities: e-mail, Internet, telephones, laundry and ironing rooms with automatic washing machines and tumble driers, kitchenettes, television rooms, sitting-rooms, leisure and computer venues.

Visit one of the following links to discover more about the NWU-Puk’s men’s and women’s campus residences:


Women’s residences 


Men’s residences



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Town Residences

What is a town residence?

What is a town residence? A town residence does NOT provide physical accommodation to students - it is only a "name" or "group" that students can join in order to form part of the organised student life. Town residences function in the same way as campus residences in the sense of taking part in student activities (e.g. sport, culture, etc), but at the end of the day town students go back to their own private accommodation in the town. Town residences do have offices and club houses on campus where students can meet.


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Visit the following links to discover more about the NWU-Puk’s men’s and women’s town residences:

Women’s residences


Men’s residences





Accommodation specific for Rugby students
The NWU-PUK-Rugby Institute has these two hostels availalble for our players:


Private Accommodation >

What is Pukkiverblyf?

The NWU PUK understands that it is sometimes difficult for you to find accommodation, especially for those who reside far from Potchefstroom. The starting point in your accommodation search should be The purpose of this site is to make it easier for you to obtain safe, affordable accommodation. NWU PUK only administers the process of the website and is not responsible for letting units. If you have any queries please contact 018 285 2340 phone and / or visit

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