Fields of Study

Stefan Van Dyk -- Fri, 15/07/2016 - 11:07

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Postgraduate Fields of Study

What can I study?

In a developing country such as South Africa’s ever evolving and increasingly competitive job market, it stands to reason that jobseekers need to differentiate themselves from other hopefuls if they wish to make a potential employers cut. A proper tertiary education from an internationally recognised learning institute is paramount in rising above the competition.

To this end, the North-West University (NWU) offers a veritable cornucopia of options for students hoping to complete their postgraduate studies in a variety of different fields. The NWU has campuses in the historically significant town of Potchefstroom, the province’s capital Mafikeng, and also in the Vaal Triangle region of the Gauteng province.

The NWU is a high ranking research entity boasting multiple ties with other learning institutions overseas. For the candidate hoping to complete his/her Masters- of Doctors degree, this provides a magnitude of opportunities for international travel, and collaboration with some of the brightest minds in academia today on projects that stand to benefit and provide better understanding of the human condition.

Fields of studies options will be available soon.