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Business Mathematics and Informatics

Director’s message

The research activities of the Unit for BMI focus on:
• Applied research in the broad areas of mathematical modelling (in financial, biological and physical applications), financial risk management and modelling applications in telecommunication systems.
• Basic research in the mathematical, economical and computational sciences.

Directed and basic research projects are integrated in an industry oriented research programme and supports the objectives of the Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics and the Centre for Modelling Applications in Telecommunication Systems. The industry directed research is stimulated by the various projects undertaken by the two centres and its aim is to solve problems encountered in industry. Basic research (chosen in support of the directed research interests) is subject-related (in the subjects Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science and Information Systems) with the aim to advance scientific knowledge and contribute internationally to the relevant scientific fields. Master and PhD students joining our programmes become part of the research teams and are active co-workers in our research projects, collaborating with both local and international experts as well as with promising young scientists.

Prof Jan Fourie
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Tel: 018 299 2574