Potchefstroom Campus, Drive Safe project during Intervarsity goes from strength to strength

Drive Safe project during Intervarsity goes from strength to strength

This year is the third successive year that the North-West University is involved in a Drive Safe project during the annual Intervarsity between the NWU and Kovsies on 12 and 13 August.

  The aim of the project this year is to get the students from Bloemfontein to Potchefstroom as quickly and as safely as possible.

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No, she is not a traffic officer; she is Ms Lenie Kotzé, social worker at the Potchefstroom Campus and project leader of the Drive Safe project during Intervarsity.

  The project entails a half-way stop at Wesselsbron where various road safety activities will be presented. The different routes between the two cities will be patrolled by traffic officials to see to it that students do not stop along the way to party.
  In Potchefstroom a “Buddy” project is in effect from 18:00 Friday evening till Saturday at 06:00 at the campus and from the Vodacom Intervarsity Mardi-Gras/Rock Show at the Rag Farm. The purpose of this project is to ensure students under the influence of alcohol have a safe trip to their destination.
  Ms Lenie Kotzé, social worker of the NWU, says the project goes from strength to strength every year. It offers the NWU the opportunity to make students, in a positive way, aware of the necessity not to drive under the influence of alcohol and also to promote road safety.
  She says various institutions are involved in the project. Amongst these are the provincial and regional traffic departments of the Free State and North-West Provinces, the police of Wesselsbron, Free State Care in Action (selling of refreshments), SAB, Vodacom, Arrive Alive, SADD (South Africans against Drunk Driving) and SA Drink Detection.
• This year, sports teams from all three campuses of the NWU, Kovsies and the Qwa-Qwa Campus will participate in a variety of Intervarsity sports events.

 Published by Kiewiet Scheppel on 5 Augustus 2011.


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