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Curriculum and Modules


The programme consists of 9 modules. Each lecture is especially arranged for the LL.M. programme only. Lectures take place in both faculties. Students will spend half the time in South Africa and the other half in Germany. In this way, students will get to know the faculties and cultures of both universities.

An internship forms an integral part of this LL.M. programme. It provides insights into "real life" and will be an opportunity to apply some of the lessons learned in practice.

The course concludes with a thesis which should demonstrate that a candidate is scientifically well trained and capable to present his knowledge in readable style.


  • Comparative child and family law I

  •  Comparative child and family law II

  •  International family law I

  • International family law II

  • Comparative social justice

  • International children’s human rights

  • Juvenile criminal justice

  • Internship

  • Comparative research methodology and dissertation