d-Media, About us

d-Media provides the following services to the NWU and external clients:

  • High-definition video recording in our dedicated studio or on location

  • Video and sound editing

  • Video and sound encoding

  • Development of marketing material

  • Multi-media design and development (integration of video, sound and animation in an interactive platform)

  • Digital studio photos

  • Duplicate CDs and DVDs (printing of covers)

  • Conversion and re-encoding of videos (e.g. DVCPro; DV; HDV; DVCAM; VHS; 8mm films; BetaCam…) and audio (audio tapes; LP’s) to DVD/CD

We are equipped with the following facilities:

Video studio equipped with:

  • Autocue

  • HD cameras

  • Microphones

  • Lighting equipment

  • Green screen

  • Documentary cameras


Audio and video editing suites for:

  • Voice-overs

  • Animation

  • Special effects

  • Multimedia

For any further enquiries or price list, contact us at video@nwu.ac.za