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Office of the Director


Position Telephone Email
Dr Gerhard du Plessis Director 0182992721
Ms Dawn Bierman Secretary 0182992721
Ms Penny van der Westhuizen Administrative Officer 0182852567
Ms Annatjie Boltman ICNL Administrative Officer 0182992721


Research in Higher Education

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Jessica Pool             Researcher: Higher Education Teaching-Learning 0182992717


Lecturer and Teaching Development

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Inge Venter Academic Advisor: Economic and Management Science 0182994083
Dr Dirk van den Berg Academic Advisor:  Engineering 0182992719
Mr Schalk Fredericks Academic Advisor: Arts 0182991465
Ms Jackie Slabbert-Redpath Academic Advisor: Health Science 0182994108
Dr Yolandé Heymans Head of Departement and Academic Advisor: Education Science 0182994034
Ms Yolani Geldenhuys Academic Advisor: Natural Sciences 0182852459
Ms Monique Koetaan Academic Advisor: Theology 0182852642
Ms Silindile Mabasa Academic Advisor: Law 0182852555
Ms Jacobie Fourie Administrative Assistant 0182852246


Information Technology in Education

Name Position Telephone Email
Mr Kobus Le Roux            Head of Department and Researcher: Higher Education

Ms Vanessa Olivier Teaching Technology Advisor 0182992002
Mr Velly Nkosi Teaching Technology Advisor 0182852640
Ms Martie Mostert Teaching Technology Advisor 0182852641
Ms Belinda Wessie Administrative Assistant 0182992003



Name Position Telephone Email
Ms Liana Venter Head of Department and Teaching Advisor 0182991865
Ms Liezl Kruger Multimedia Developer 0182991852
Mr Rohan Claassen Multimedia Designer 0182991028
Ms Alrike Claassen Instructional Designer 0182991852
Ms Marcell Le Grange Multimedia Designer 0182994468
Ms Melissa Wiese Administrative and Multimedia Assistant 0182991866
Mr Bethuel Lehihi Technical Assitant 0182991028



Name Position Telephone Email
Mr Johan Schutte Graphic Designer 0182994224
Ms Karen Viljoen Head of Departement and Graphic Designer 0182994104
Mr Hannes Visagie Graphic Designer 0182994103
Mr Hans Poto Graphic Designer 0182994229
Ms Mimi Coetzee Administrative Assistant 0182994106
Ms Santie Pieterse Graphic Assistant 0182994105
Ms Marijke Reyneke Graphic Assistant 0182994101
Ms Lizelle Fourie Graphic Assistant 0182994102
Mr Naldo Oberholzer Graphic Assistant 0182994232
Mr Darren Serame Junior Clerk 0182994107


Coordinating and Scheduling

Name Position Telephone Email
Ms Henda Coetzee Head of Department and Production Coordinator 0182994017
Ms Erika Esterhuizen Production Coordinator 0182994208
Ms Janine Jansen van Vuuren Production Coordinator 0182994040


Teaching and Learning Media Coordination

Name Position Telephone Email
Mr Marius de Beer Head of Department and Teaching-Learning Media Coordinator 0182991899
Mr Barend Nel Technician 0182992126
Mr Greg Du Plessis Technical Assistant 0182992124
Mr Layton Johnson Technical Assistant 0182992125
Ms Ingrid Van der Merwe Administrative Assistant 0182992127
Ms René Erasmus Administrative Assistant 0182991864
Mr John Mc Donel Technical Assistant 0182994404
Mr Thato Senatle Technical Assistant 0182994404


Learning and Reading Development

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Charl Nel        Head of Departement & Teaching Advisor 0182992902

Dr Elma Marias Reading and Learning facilitator 0182992134
Ms Annemarie Pretorius Administrative Assistant 0182992105
Ms Jeanette de Swardt Administrative Assistant 0182992901