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Faculty of Humanities - Quality Management

Vision and mission

The vision of the Faculty of Humanities is to offer excellent teaching and learning, produce quality research output, and render relevant community services.
The mission of the Faculty is to become a balanced teaching and learning facility and implement our expertise in an innovative way. Based on the vision and mission, the Faculty has the following objectives:
•    To improve the qualifications of staff members
•    To increase the number of National Research Foundation (NRF) rated academics
•    To increase research output
•    To engage with the community and render relevant community services

Aim of the Quality Manual
The aim of the quality manual is to describe the processes used in the Faculty of Humanities to attain the vision and mission as stated above and thus ultimately comply with the Quality Policy of the NWU (Quality) which states:

 “Academic quality is best guaranteed when responsibility for it is located as closely as possible to the academic processes of teaching, learning, research and community engagement and it is maintained and enhanced through the professional commitment of staff and students. Quality assurance is a continuous, active and responsive process. Everyone at the NWU needs to be dedicated to continuous improvement.”
Therefore the primary processes discussed in the manual relate to:
•    Teaching and learning (Section A)
•    Research and postgraduate education (Section B)
•    Community engagement (Section C)

Please click here to view the quality manual for the Faculty of Humanities.

Updated by Jeremy Mooi - 30/10/201