Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN) | Potchefstroom Campus


Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN)

What is CEN? 


The Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN) is at present one of three Centres of Excellence at the North-West University and the only one for nutrition in Africa.

The Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN) was established in 2008, with a research driven quest to address nutrition related problems within South Africa.  The vision that inspires CEN is to be the leaders in developing scholars in nutrition in Africa.  In doing so, CEN aims to improve the nutritional status of the individual, household, community and the South African population as a whole.

To achieve this goal, we focus our research from “molecules to society”.



CEN has sophisticated laboratories, with capacity to do research in the fields of haemostasis, lipids and fatty acids, micronutrients, and genetics.


The individual is of utmost importance to CEN, as we believe a healthy individual results in a healthy community.  CEN has trained personnel capable of performing anthropometric analyses according to international standards.  Furthermore, our world class metabolic unit hosts the latest in non-invasive body scanning equipment (DXA and BodPod), giving detailed body composition information in a matter of minutes.


We commit ourselves to engage with our communities.  Research projects involve  individuals from the communities as field workers who are trained, and therefore we create jobs and skills within the community. 



The mission of the group, to play a leading role through excellence in training and research towards the improvement of the nutritional status of individuals, households, communities and populations is supported by their main aim to provide scientific evidence for the solutions for nutritional problems through high quality research.

Shared values:

• Excellence
• Integrity
• Innovation