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About Us

The School of Languages, which is housed in the Frans du Toit Building (E9), primarily offers language and literature training in the following languages: Afrikaans and Dutch, German, English, French and Setswana.

The offer is, therefore, versatile and extensive: Multilingualism is an important focus point – our motto ‘My language, your language, our languages’ serves as proof of this.

Apart from language and literature, language-related courses in Creative Writing (the first university in South Africa to offer this at undergraduate level), Language Technology (the only university offering comprehensive training and qualifications in language technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level), as well as Translation and Interpreting Studies (in which interpretation and text editing are also incorporated) are also offered. Modules in South African Sign Language (SASL) are offered as options in the subject group Translation and Interpreting Studies.

The School also hosts Academic Literacy (AGLA/AGLE) – this subject group and its staff, aim to prepare students to integrate academically into the university.

In the future we plan to offer Mandarin as an additional subject in programs in the School.


What does study in the School of Languages entail?

If you decide to study the language and literature of a specific language, you should register for a specific PROGRAMME (i.e. the field that you want to study; see the section on QUALIFICATIONS in this regard).

Such a programme consists of a number of SUBJECTS (like English, German, Translation and Interpreting Studies), which in turn each comprise a number of MODULES (the division of each subject into different subject-related subsections, like syntax, poetry, etc.). In order to find the correct combination of subjects with their modules for your field given your special interest, you will register for a CURRICULUM, which refers to a fixed combination of modules.

SUBJECT ADVISORS will help you to make an informed choice from the variety of curriculum options with consideration of your interest and abilities. Don’t despair!

The subjects (modules within the subjects) are presented by well-trained ACADEMIC STAFF who function within SUBJECT GROUPS (this is the administrative grouping of staff trained to teach the different sections of a specific subject).

The special subject groups that make up the SCHOOL FOR LANGUAGES (as administrative and academic unit), include the following:

  • Subject Group Afrikaans and Dutch
  • Subject Group Academic Literacy
  • Subject Group Creative Writing
  • Subject Group English
  • Subject Group French
  • Subject Group German
  • Subject Group Setswana
  • Subject Group Language Technology
  • Subject Group Translation and Interpreting Studies (which includes SA Sign Language).


There is more information on every subject group and the subjects that they offer on the rest of this web page. In the section on staff you can learn which staff members are involved with which subject group.

The DIRECTOR of the school manages the subject groups with the assistance of a number of administrative staff members so that it forms one coherent administrative unit.

Study in LANGUAGES offers several possibilities. Come and explore this with our assistance and support!