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NEW: Institutional Language Policy and Language Plan

The North-West University has a language policy that is flexible, functional and multilingual. It makes the NWU a leader in the higher education landscape regarding tangible and audible multilingualism. However, it is not something that happened by itself, it was made possible through hard work by interpreters, translators and language lovers.  Since the establishment of the NWU in 2004 we have grown strong and with our more than sixty permanent and temporary staff members we render services at all three our campuses (Mafikeng, Potchefstroom and Vanderbijlpark). 

In order to make the NWU functionally multilingual in practice, we offer our support services to academia and the support staff in the form of interpreting and language services. Proper language planning is indispensable and therefore the language policy is reviewed on a regular basis and after a proper language audit. Furthermore, as language ombudsperson we have the language rights of students and employees at heart. It is also important to us that our services are of the highest quality and therefore training and research play important roles in the Language Directorate. Our involvement goes beyond the University and through our community engagement programmes we offer our services also to schools in our region.


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