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Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA)



Prof Martie Lubbe is a professor in pharmacy practice and an NRF-rated researcher. She has devoted 25 years of her career to pharmacy education and practice-related research and contributed significantly towards the development of pharmacy practice in South Africa. From 2004 to 2009 she acted as subject head of pharmacy practice at the North-West University (NWU). Prof Lubbe’s passionate research interest in and contribution towards pharmacy practice research, focussing on pharmaceutical care, pharmaco-epidemiology, pharmacovigiliance and medicine supply management, are widely acknowledged. She has trained more than 60 doctoral and master's degree students in pharmacy practice and is the author/co-author of more than 30 publications. She is currently the leader of the research entity, Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA).



Mrs Marike Cockeran is a subject specialist in Statistics in the niche area Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA). She has recently completed her MSc in Statistics. Her dissertation focused on boosting, bagging and bragging as bias reduction techniques in nonparametric regression analysis. She provides statistical support for staff members and postgraduate students in their research projects. She develops and presents biostatistics courses for researchers in the health sciences. She is also on the faculty of health sciences’ ethics committee.



Dr Johanita Burger is a researcher within the niche area Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA), where she coordinates the medicine outcomes management subprogram. She holds a PhD in pharmacy practice. Dr Burger has supervised more than 25 master's degree students in pharmacy practice. Her research mainly focuses on drug utilisation reviews, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology. Current research activities focus on conducting relevant research on the appropriate use and cost of medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases, and building capacity of resources in the use of medicine through collaborative partnerships and empowerment.



Mrs Engela Oosthuizen is the administrative officer and personal assistant to Prof Martie Lubbe. She obtained a BEd degree in foundation phase education, but has found this position to be just as rewarding, as she still has contact with a variety of people on a daily basis. Her tasks vary from diary management, finances, organising of events and office administration to student enquiries and helping where necessary.



Me Anne-Marie Bekker is a research assistant in the niche-area Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA).