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About Us

The Institutional Advancement (IA) organisational entity, sitting within the Institutional Office of the North-West University (NWU), was initially established as part of the NWU management structure and identified as the Institutional Corporate Communications (ICC) office. Following the adjustment of the NWU management structure at the end of 2010, central functions pertaining to institutional advancement and alumni were brought under the CAR office, resulting in the creation of the Corporate Affairs and Relations office. At the end of 2012, the organisational entity was reposisioned as the Institutional Advancement office.

The mission of IA is to position the NWU in the mind of internal and external stakeholders as an established, vibrant, high-quality and entrepreneurial university, to create and maintain a brand identity and brand proposition statement that embraces the envisaged balanced tuition and research character of the NWU, to facilitate effective communication through the integrated use of internal, external and electronic communication channels, to facilitate a sustainable alternative revenue stream for the NWU, and to establish and enhance nationally, Africa-wide and internationally viable sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships across stakeholder groups.