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Your interest in the School of Agricultural Sciences (SoAS) is greatly appreciated. I trust you will be enthralled with the wide range of academic programs and research activities that we have on offer. Whether you are here in search of studying, research collaboration, employment or advisory opportunities, I can assure you that your visit will be worthwhile. Briefly, the SoAS comprises of 4 disciplines: Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Health, Animal Science and Plant Sciences. Students are enrolled into under- and postgraduate programs where they are expertly trained in the various disciplines. Research activities are supported by a teaching and research farm hosting beef cattle, dairy cows, goats, sheep, and poultry. The farm also boasts several acres of arable land and green houses, which are partly supported by irrigation.  The SoAS houses the Centre for Animal Health Studies, which trains Animal Health technicians at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Research in the various disciplines is supported by a number of laboratories, which we continue to equip to enable a wide range of research activities. For more details on what research opportunities are on offer, prospective postgraduate students are encouraged to get in touch with our subject specialists in the various disciplines. Agricultural research is a major driver of economic development and a qualification in this field will allow you to play your part in shaping the future of mankind. I look forward to welcoming you into the SoAS as you embark on a journey of scientific discovery and self-empowerment.


Prof. Victor Mlambo, Pr. Sci. Nat. (Animal Science)

BSc., MSc (Ani. Scie.), MSc (Dev. Stats.), PhD., CERT (Univ. Teaching & Learning)

Acting Director - School of Agricultural Sciences

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Tel: +27 18 389 2741/2729

Fax: +27 18 389 2748

Email: Victor.Mlambo@nwu.ac.za