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Welcome to the School of Pharmacy

Our Vision:

Driven by our pursuit of knowledge and innovation, our vision is to maintain our leadership role in South Africa and to be internationally pre-eminent in pharmaceutical education, -research, -contact services and in community engagement.

Our Mission and Aims:

  • The professional and scientific education of pharmacist to contribute to the health of the people of South Africa by rendering a professional pharmaceutical service
  • The pursuit of relevant research of quality to promote the pharmaceutical sciences to benefit the health of the people of South Africa
  • The application of our unique expertise and abilities in teaching-learning and in pharmaceutical research to the advantage of the community in general and to the profession of Pharmacy in particular

Our Values and Ethics:

  • Value driven principles based upon human dignity, equality, freedom, integrity, tolerance, respect, commitment to excellence, scholarly engagement, academic freedom and tolerance
  • Professional Code of Conduct
  • Ethical Code of The South African Pharmacy Council