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The Faculty of Education Sciences is dedicated to sharing skills and experience with communities in and around Potchefstroom. Community engagement is integrated with teaching, learning (service learning) and research. It is the Faculty’s mission to offer undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to participate in curriculum- and research-based community activities as part of the learning process and to equip them for practice.

Service learning contributes to the student’s preparation for public community involvement in a diverse democratic society. Students must achieve the expected outcomes of service learning modules. Service learning helps students to perceive their potential impact within the larger context of social justice and policy, in addition to that of philanthropy and charity. Data obtained from community and service learning projects is incorporated into research with a view to expanding the literature and empowering the community. Hence, service learning emphasises the reciprocity between the University and the community.


The Community Engagement Commitee will anually award funding to succesful community projects with the empasize on service learning. To apply for funding of a community or service learning project please download the application form from the link above.


Prof Lesley Wood

Chairperson: Community Engagement Committee

Tel: +27 (0) 18 299 4770

E-mail: Lesley.Wood@nwu.ac.za



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