NWU, Mafikeng Campus, HIV and Aids

HIV and Aids Office

Point of Departure
The North-West University recognises that South Africa, with the rest of the continent, is experiencing a devastating HIV and AIDS pandemic. The University also recognises that HIV and AIDS is not only a health issue, but one which concerns the entire University community and our society in every possible respect. The University is committed to play an active role in its community by mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS.

To mobilise the North-West University to respond sensitively, appropriately, and effectively to the HIV and AIDS pandemic through its core functions of teaching/learning, research, implementation of expertise, and through the continuum of HIV and AIDS interventions i.e. prevention, treatment, care and support.


  • Reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS.

  • Protect and up-hold human rights, ethical principles and gender equity.

  • Provide a comprehensive leadership response including staff and student structures.

  • Provide a curriculum response around teaching and learning and an integrated approach to curriculum within and between departments and colleges or faculties.

  • Mobilise and safeguard human and other resources.

  • Minimise short- and long- term impact on and risk to the institution/campus.

  • De-stigmatise HIV and AIDS.

Services include:

  • Prevention programme

  • Educational programme

  • Outreach programme

  • Peer education programme

  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing/HIV Counselling and Testing

PAN. Mabille (HIV and AIDS Co-ordinator)
Office no: 246 Administration Building
Tel: +27 18 389 2001/2223
Fax:+27 18 389 2074