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The Faculty maintains strong links with its alumni. The management of the Faculty makes an annual visit to alumni in specific parts of the country to exchange views on legal education and other matters of mutual interest. The input received from the alumni is highly appreciated. Alumni also visit the Faculty frequently. The close relationship between the Faculty and its alumni is borne out, inter alia, by the results of a recent Markinor report in which well over 90% of the alumni consulted indicated a strong sense of identification with the Faculty.

The Faculty is proud of its alumni, the most notable probably the former State President and Nobel laureate, FW de Klerk. His continued involvement with the Faculty is manifested in the annual FW de Klerk Lecture Series in which prominent members of society give presentations on topical legal issues. Another prominent alumnus is Leon Wessels, a former commissioner of the Human Rights Committee and member of parliament. He is an extraordinary professor at the Faculty and lectures on a regular basis to students in all year groups. A name that is bound to bring back fond memories of other alumni is that of Johan van der Vyver, currently from Emory, USA. Alumni also make their presence felt abroad and Josef Kruger has recently accepted silk in Canada.



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