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About the eResearch Initiative (eRIn)

In July 2015 the NWU officially commenced with an eResearch drive that will ultimately help to align research support units and researchers across all disciplines to embrace the power of the digital world in the 21st century.  A NWU eReserach Initiative workgroup from IT, Library and Research and Research Support Office together with Anelda van der Walt has been established. 

eRin Working Group

Planning initiatives

eRIn will focus on and plan the following key activities for 2016:

Key activities

Computational/Digital Research - The focus will be on analytical tools and infrastructure

Open Science

Research Data  - The focus will be on management, citation and storage

Reproducible Research

Funding - The focus will be on grant writing, untapped opportunities and partnerships

Focus areas

Training and Capacity Building
Awareness Creation
Community Building
Integration with National/International Communities/Partners
Sustainability – what happens with eResearch after 2016?

(Pronounced “Tekkies” or Takkies a.k.a Running Shoes)

Contact us

To contact us, please email or follow us on Twitter @NWU_eResearch.