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Prospective Postgraduate Students


Interested in furthering your studies with a postgraduate qualification in Engineering? Let us help you get the ball rolling...



Application forms and process

Have a look at our experienced study leaders and remember to submit your Study Leader Acceptance form with your application. 

Walk-in Clients

Visit the new NWU Postgraduate Service Centre located in the Joon van Rooy Building, room 257.

Prospective and current master's and doctoral students can visit us for applications, registrations and submission of documentation (from the initial application forms for admission to postgraduate studies up to submission of the final copy of their dissertations or theses). Walk-in clients can also make use of available computers to do their own online enquiries, or enjoy a cup of filter coffee and rusks while inquiries are handled.

International Students

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Study Fees & Bursaries

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* Please use the above links for application / financial enquiries. All other enquiries can be submitted in the form below.