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BCom Accounting and Informatics


Qualifications that are offered

  • BCom degree (three-year, full-time undergraduate study)


Why Accounting and Informatics?

BCom Accounting and Informatics combines business and technical knowledge of computer science and focuses on the development and support of a company’s information systems. The knowledge and skills acquired will allow the student to recognise and maximise business opportunities within the dynamic field of technology, and will ensure that an organisation’s information system requirements are met to improve business operations.


What work will I be able to do?

  •            Programme analyst
  •            Software developer
  •            E-commerce manager
  •            Database analyst
  •            Project manager
  •            Business manager


Why Accounting at the NWU-Puk?

  • Dedicated lecturers and researchers who regularly receive awards
  • Support to students in the form of additional facilitation classes, ‘open door’ access to lecturers and full-time academic clerks, life and career mentors and professional psychologists
  • A great emphasis on the development of skills that are important in the workplace
  • Positive feedback from employers


Admission requirements:

  • APS 28 and Mathematics level 4 (50%)
  • Grade 12 Accounting is a recommendation



BCom Chartered Accountancy
BCom Financial Accountancy
BCom Forensic Accountancy
BCom Management Accountancy


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