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Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL)


About us

The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) is a division within the Department of Student Affairs at the North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus. One of its major purposes is to facilitate engagement between students and management on campus. SEAL is also responsible for the training and development of student leaders and the promotion of various opportunities available to them with the aim of assisting the university produce not only academically excellent graduates but well-rounded ones in terms of leadership and necessary life skills. Ultimately, they seek to optimally develop students holistically, who are competent and empowered for the world of work and life. Other services provided by SEAL include: the provision of extra curricula activities that empower students to take on leadership responsibilities and play vital roles in the realization activities such as RAG, Mrs and Miss NWU, etc. These activities are coordinated by structures like the Student Representative Council, House Committees and other affiliated societies.