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Benefits for Students

Finding a job that is right for you becomes easier with the help of the Career Centre. Super-useful platforms to learn more about your future, include career fairs, open days, employer presentations and guest lectures, as well as company listings in the career guide and on the website. This should get you kick-started on your career track.


Workshops and Campus visits

The Career Consultant helps to empower you, advising on CV-writing and preparation for job interviews, as well as presentation of relevant, informative and helpful workshops.

The format of presentations varies from very large groups arranged by others, to smaller groups and individual presentations in the Career Centre for students reacting to our marketing material. During group presentations, you are invited to individual consultations, for discussion of personal circumstances and your individual CV. These consultations usually also include advice on the job search process and strategies.

NWU Career Guide

The annual career guide is an invaluable resource that further bridges the gap between potential employers and graduates, providing nuggets of information and insights for your benefit. It can help you make informed choices about work opportunities and great companies to work for in your field. Ensure that you get your copy at the Career Centre office!

Please view our Career Guides:

2017 / 2018

2016 / 2017

2015 / 2016

2014 / 2015

2013 / 2014

2012 / 2013

2011 / 2012

Career Fairs

These exciting days provide you with the opportunity to understand more about the range of careers in your field of study, to network with interested employers, and the motivation to engage actively in the process of securing employment.

A few comments from previous Career Fairs indicate that our students are polite, ask intelligent, insightful questions, complete quality degrees, are community-minded, well-rounded, passionate and enthusiastic. These attributes get noticed, so it’s important to make the most of the opportunity to get to know future possible employers.

From these Career Fairs, it’s become apparent that employers want resilience, flexibility, life skills, engagement, personality, leadership, good attitude, excellence and innovation. Are you a “can-do, well adapted, committed” student? These attributes are encouraged to help you fulfil your career goals.

Work Readiness Seminar

The Career Centre arranges a Work Readiness Seminar for each NWU campus.

The presentations cover topics such as graduate preparedness; talent development in scarce and critical skills; opportunities for students; values and attributes of professionals; the psycho-social milieu for preparing students for the world of work; effective job search processes; requirements for future employees; getting started, and opportunities for graduates.

Seminars such as these really give great insight into the world of work and encourages you as a student to think about a career not just as a series of jobs, but rather as a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth and development that adds “experiences to your toolbox of life.”

PUKfm 93.6 "Bridging the Gap"

This fortnightly show brings you all the news from the Career Centre.

Every week we also invite guests from various organisations, initiatives and companies to speak to students about opportunities that are available to them within these companies. Don’t miss out, so tune in! If you on Mafikeng and Vaal Triangle you can listen online, live-streaming is available.

Electronic student platforms | Social Media

Social Media (especially Facebook) and E-fundi (NWU’s learning management system) advertise employer vacancies, employer presentations and any other career-related events and articles – a great resource to visit frequently!


Updated on 07 July 2016.