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Word of Welcome


The importance of postgraduate study in South Africa has been highlighted in many national documents. Specifically, the National Development Plan (NDP, 2012) has, for example, set a target to increase the number of doctorates from 1 400 per year nationally to 6 000 by 2030. This represents a significant challenge for Higher Education in South Africa and as a University, we enthusiastically embrace this challenge!

One of the most important factors in deciding to enrol for masters or doctoral studies is the available academic expertise. In this regard you can rest assure: the North-West University prides itself on its increased research intensity as evident by the wide scope of postgraduate degree offerings described in this prospectus. The mission of the Vaal Triangle Campus is to be an innovative university campus that is internationally recognised for scholarship in teaching and learning and for conducting research relevant to the societies it serves. The Campus does this by conducting mutually reinforcing reaching-learning and research and by furthermore cultivating cutting-edge research ideas and postgraduate programmes.

Our research is focused within Research Entities and Research Groups which, provide an opportunity for you to choose a theme for your research from entities that contribute towards being locally relevant and also internationally excellent and therefore making a difference in the lives of all our people.

But why enrol for a masters or a doctoral degree? Postgraduate studies represent several important benefits:

  • It strengthens your competitiveness as a graduate in a specialised job market.
  • It extends and deepens your knowledge and skills in an ever changing international market.
  • It offers you research preparation that enhances your ability to access, make sense of, and deploy new knowledge in a complex society.
  • It builds confidence and credibility as a highly skilled graduate.
  • It provides immense personal satisfaction and reward.


I am excited to share this prospectus – which makes available all the critical information required by a prospective postgraduate student, with you as it marks the start of an exciting journey towards postgraduate success. In short: Enabling you to embark on an advanced degree in your field of specialisation.


Kind regards
Prof Linda du Plessis