North-West University is leading South African universities in developing software for higher education

North-West University is leading South African universities in developing software for higher education

Institutional Office - The North-West University (NWU) recently joined the Kuali Student initiative as a development partner. The University is the first full international partner outside North America, and brings strong functional and technical expertise to the project team.

The NWU has made this step to help further the development of the open source Kuali Student system, which is a business system for universities.  Kuali is a growing community of universities, colleges, businesses, and other organisations that have partnered to build and sustain community source software for higher education, by higher education.

The University will be leveraging its investment along with the significant contributions from the other partners including Indiana University, Carnegie Mellon University, Naval Postgraduate School, San Joaquin Delta College, University of California Berkeley, University of Maryland, University of Southern California, University of Washington and Boston College.

 “The North-West University is privileged and excited to participate in the development of Kuali Student, and to collaborate on an international basis with reputable institutions,” said Dr Theuns Eloff, Vice-Chancellor of the NWU.  “We see this as a win-win opportunity for all participants to create innovative yet cost-effective higher education business solutions. This initiative will further our vision of local engagement, national relevance and international recognition.”

Mr Bill McLean, chairperson of the Kuali Student Board, remarked that the Kuali Student community is very pleased to welcome the NWU as the first South African University to their team.  “Their participation broadens the international presence of the Kuali Student project, as it has reached an important stage in its development. We are very fortunate to gain a quality partner like the NWU at this juncture, and are looking forward to working with our NWU colleagues,” he said.

The North-West University is a truly diverse, multi-campus South African university that strives to become a balanced teaching-learning and research institution. In terms of student numbers, it is the fourth largest university in South Africa with more than 55 000 enrolled students, annually conferring between 12 000 and 13 000 degrees and diplomas.

Apart from various accolades like winning the coveted prize of the Most Innovative University in South Africa, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology's Innovation Fund in 2008, the NWU received the award for the best governed higher education institution (PricewaterhouseCoopers award) for the fourth consecutive year in 2010.  More information about the NWU can be found at /nwu/glance.html.
The software of Kuali projects is freely available under the Educational Community License to anyone for any use or modification. More information about Kuali can be found at

Issued by   Mr Louis Jacobs, Director: Corporate Communication, 
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Date:        1 February 2011



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