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Humboldt Research Fellowships for Experienced Researchers




The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards approximately 600 Humboldt Research Fellowships a year (for both postdoctoral researchers and experienced researchers).


Their purpose is to allow young foreign researchers who hold a doctoral qualification to carry out research projects of their choice in Germany.


Applications may be submitted for long-term research visits of between six to 18 months.


A monthly grant of 2,450.00 EUR is currently paid. This may be supplemented by travel and family allowances. Short study trips, congress visits or specialised training, e.g. for technical equipment, will not be financed.


Fields of Study


All Disciplines.


Eligibility Requirements


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards Humboldt Research Fellowships for experienced researchers to support long-term research visits (6-18 months, which may be split into a maximum of  three visits) to Germany by foreign academics with above average qualifications and who have completed their doctorates no longer than 12 years previously.


Applicants are required to have developed a distinct and individual academic profile. Applicants should therefore generally have at least worked as assistant professors or as junior research group leaders or be able to provide evidence of several years of independent academic work. Academics from all over the world specialising in all kinds of disciplines are eligible to apply.


Value of the Award


  1. Monthly grant rate:


  • Grant plus standard mobility allowance and a payment towards health and liability insurance: € 2,450


  1. Additional benefits:


  • A research cost contribution of €800 per month for the host institute (for natural and engineering science research projects) or € 500 (for humanities and social sciences research projects);


  • Language grant for a 2- to 4-month intensive language course for the fellowship holder and spouse at selected language institutes in Germany just before commencement of the research visit;


  • Standard travel allowance for the research fellowship holder‘s coming and return journey, unless these costs are born by a third party;


  • Additional allowances for accompanying family members for stays of at least three months (spouse up to €326 and up to €204 per child per month);


  • Europe allowance for a research visit to a research institute in a different European country (not however the fellowship holder‘s country of origin) for a limited period of time during the term of the sponsorship, if this is necessary for the conduction of the research project;


  • Extensive alumni support after successful completion of the research period, particularly fostering contacts with cooperation partners in Germany throughout the entire academic career of the Humboldt scholar.



Number of Scholarships




Duration of Award


Scholarship duration is from six to 18 months.



Application Requirements


  1. doctorate or comparable academic degree (Ph.D., C.Sc. or equivalent) awarded no longer than 12 years previously at the time of receipt of the application. If a doctorate is not possible or usual in the country of origin of the applicant, an application can be made up to 16 years after award of a master’s degree or Diplom with a publication output corresponding to the stage in the applicant‘s career;


  1. Individual academic profile of the applicant, substantiated by means of an extensive list of academic publications in journals and by publishers refereed according to international standard;


  1. Confirmation of a research post as well as a detailed letter of recommendation from an academic host at a research institution in Germany;


  1. Three reference letters from important cooperation partners or academics at the own and other institutes, if possible also from outside the country of origin;


  1. Language skills: Humanities scholars, social scientists and medics are required to be proficient in German to the extent that this is necessary for successful conduction of the project, otherwise a good knowledge of English is required; natural and engineering scientists are required to have a good command of German or English.


  1. The Humboldt Foundation requires that the Rules of Good Scientific Practice and the ethical rules of the 7th EU research support programme are adhered to with regard to application and sponsorship.) Applicants, who have been staying in Germany for over six months at the time of application, should contact the Humboldt Foundation ( before submitting their application documents, since formal grounds may stand in the way of an application.



Application Deadline


Applications can be submitted at any time. Selection meetings take place three times a year: in March, July and November. A four to seven-month assessment period is required. Applications should therefore be submitted in good time.


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